Monday, August 26, 2013

Moving On

Last week we closed on our house deal. While I mostly just felt relieved that everything worked out so nicely, a small part of me certainly felt sad. Not sad about moving-- that was definitely the right choice for our family, but sad that our well-intentioned and perhaps na├»vely optimistic plan for a small farm didn't go as intended. 

As I've mentioned before we thought the house would be much easier to fix up then it was, and as the situation spiraled out of control we realized that we were not in a space financially or time-wise to transform the property and house into what we'd envisioned. 

I do hope that we will try again someday. Who knows when that will be... perhaps a long way in our future, but I am quite certain I'll eventually make a fine crazy goat lady and Matt a fine orchardist/part-time bike mechanic. We've all got to have goals, eh? 

Anyways, as we close this brief, somewhat traumatic, but very educational chapter in our life I want to be sure to thank everyone who supported us in ways big and small while we floundered through the last year and a half-- especially my parents who never say, "I told you so." That's real love, no?  


  1. I am constantly amazed by your creativity and resilience. Love the new house... the goat farm will come one day :)