Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Guy

I took this picture of Henry last night because he just looked so cute and grown up sitting in the lawn chair. Looking at the picture now I realize that he also looked very tired. Naps have recently become a bit of a battle and occasionally they just don't happen. Honestly I think it's harder on me than it is on him... he never seems too much worse for the wear. The recent nap battling is one of the reasons my blog has been so quiet, but I realized that I never did my (super official) six month update, so I wanted to pop in and share a few things about this guy, if for nothing else but my own memory.  

10  7 Henry Things at 6.75 Months (Revised due to a situation that involves Henry pulling dog hair off Duncan and trying to eat it.)

1. He crawls! It's more of an army crawl still, but if he wants to get somewhere (e.g. to something shiny) he certainly will. 

2. He's become much more independent recently, and I can plop him in his (never slept in) crib to play with toys for 10-15 minutes here and there while I furiously try to accomplish something like sweeping all the baby puffs out of every nook and cranny. 

3. He has this super sweet beaming smile he does where he squishes his head into his shoulders and gives you a huge grin. It's probably the cutest thing ever. 

4. I'm predicting that his first word will be "Duncan." He finds the dude SO interesting and thankfully Duncan has been a total gentlemen about all the yanking. 

5. He's been playing with a lot of new sounds lately. Working on them phonemes!

6. We introduced solid foods around five months when he started ripping food out of our hands (like mother, like son). He wouldn't let us feed him baby food, so he's been feeding himself from the get-go. Recently, he's gotten quite a bit better at actually getting the food into his mouth and it is so fun to see him enjoy foods like avocado and toast and cucumbers. 

7. He laughs harder with (at?!) Matt than with anyone else. 

8. .... 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Checking In

Hello, loyal readers! I suppose it has been a little while (my apologies, as usual)... let me quickly fill you in:

1. Recently, we took this show on the road. Matt had a work conference in the Bavarian Village (beautiful Leavenworth, WA), so Henry, Duncan and I tagged along. It was a nice change of scenery, and a good pit stop en route to visit Grandma and Grandpa. While Matt was busy at the conference I stayed busy watching cable (only while the little guy snoozed) and eating frozen yogurt and giant pretzels. Don't worry, it was only temporary... as far as I know, I'm not really becoming one of those women.

2. Before we left we began one of our final house projects: replacing the shower surround. It's one of those long, silly house stories we seem to have a whole slough of these days, but (long, silly story short) we still don't have a shower. We've both managed to find hot showers here and there, but there has also been plenty of hosing down in the backyard. For the most part I haven't minded, but the other night I did have a dream that in the midst of a zombie apocalypse I opted to take shower in what was obviously a zombie infested abandoned resort. Analyze that. 

3. This week Henry caught a nasty little bug. He had a couple days of sniffles back in January, but this is his first time with the real deal, complete with an achy little ear, a cough, and a fever. It has been so sad, but seemingly we're on the upswing and hopefully he'll be himself again soon. On a very, very selfish note, the timing has been most unfortunate because I've been unable to take him to the gym daycare all week, and thus unable to access my main shower source. The upside? He does seem to get a kick out of the "hosing off," situation. Good for him.

4. Yesterday we celebrated a birthday and a half-- Matt turned 28 and Henry turned .5! One of the (the only?) nice thing about it taking days for Henry to be born is that when he did finally arrive, it happened to be Matt's half birthday! I love those guys, and plan to express my appreciation and adoration tomorrow through fried dough and sugar. Recipe to come. 

Anyways, nap-time is over, so I must go. Here are a few pictures from our Bavarian travels...