Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Camp

This weekend we enjoyed our first camping trip as a threesome! We had a wedding to attend on Saturday at one of Camano Island's lovely state park, so we seized the opportunity to get away and spend a couple nights camping with friends. 

To be honest I've been struggling with a bit of anxiety lately-- though our schedule allows for a good amount of flexibility, I find deviating from it to be stressful. It's all me though... Henry seems to go with the flow, so I am working on calming myself down and adapting as well as he does. It's easier said than done. Anxiety is certainly a fickle beast. Like I said though, I'm working on it, and each successful new experience seems to help, and the weekend was most certainly a success. The proof is in the pictures (though I wish they were pudding at this moment). 

Couldn't have done it without borrowing a huge tent!

Just hanging out.

One amazing madrona. 

Sun! The beach!

Duncan loved it.

Henry is still the cutest... even when covered in a film of snot and dirt.