Monday, January 28, 2013

Yurt Life

I'm going to keep this brief because Henry has his very first cold, and for the last few days the sleep has been sparse and the snot abundant. 

Since we moved into our house we've needed to do something about the duct-taped-together flooring. The project got a little more complicated and expensive than we would have liked, but so it goes. 

We needed to be out of our house for most of the process, so we found an economical (and awesome) temporary home: a yurt!

We spent seven nights as yurt-dwellers, and it was a fun break from our usual scenery. Here are some pictures from the week... 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two Seven

Tuesday was my 27th birthday. I don't have much to say about turning 27... it's 27? Three away from 30? Kind of old, but kind of young? 

Nevertheless, We celebrated on Monday by taking a long walk on the Stillaguamish River with some friends. It was foggy and cold, but still lovely. Also, the Honeyboy snoozed for the whole 2.5 hours we walked-- a Martin Luther King Day miracle!

After the walk we ate lunch at an excellent Lord of the Rings themed vegetarian restaurant that featured options like "Bilbos Breakfast Burrito." Now I wish all restaurants were LOTR (or Star Wars) themed.  

We ended the day at our temporary yurt home (more on that soon), with some ice cream. Not just any old ice cream either-- an $11 pint! I'd wanted to try this since I spotted it months ago. I figured if one pint costs $11, it must be amazing... and the expensive equals better logic rarely fails me (e.g. wool socks).  

What better event than an anti-climatic 27th birthday for an $11 pint of ice cream? 

The verdict? Very, very delicious, but not too much more delicious than the $4 pints, and still $11. So...maybe we'll have it again when I turn 28?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Months Old!

Henry is two months old today! Yay!

Part of me can't believe he's only been with us for two months-- something about sleep depravation makes time feel very, very slow. That said, these two months have also flown by... life with a baby is dynamic, and he seems to grow and change every day. He's a real smiler these days, which is just fantastic (and I have a feeling he will be as handsome as his Papa).

Though it is starting to sink in, I've had a hard time conceptualizing myself as a mother these last couple months. I don't know if it makes sense, but it's a fact that I simultaneously can barely wrap my mind around, and yet know to be the truest thing of all. While the new role has been a major adjustment for me I know that we (three) belong to and with each other. 

Anyways, enough with the touchy-feely, and a little more about Henry:

Height: No idea, but he's going to be tall.

Weight: 12+ pounds... he gets an official weigh-in on Monday at the doctor's, but Matt put him on a produce scale at the grocery store last week and we got a rough estimate.

Eye Color: Still blue.

Hair: Dark, but old mannish-- thinning on top. 

Appetite: Excellent. Would you expect any less?

Special Talents: Being smiley and cute, evading sleep, and attracting chatty strangers. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1

After working the early shift, Matt (aka P-a-p-a) set off on a much deserved break in the form of a nice long New Year's bike ride. Henry's entrance into this world was fairly rough on me (I recently received a $30,000 hospital bill as proof), so despite the name of my blog I have been doing absolutely no biking for some time. It's something I hope to enjoy again in the new year, but I am not quite there-- plus, one of us needs to gain some more neck control before it can be a family activity. 

Since Duncan joined us, and since I've been on the long road to full recovery, I've made it a priority to go out for a daily walk. On the rainier and/or my sorer days we don't get too far (much to Duncan's dismay). However, today the three of us took a nice long walk in the sun (!!!)-- it was a nice to start 2013. :)