Monday, December 31, 2012

Sayonara, 2012

As I type Matt is pacing the halls with Henry strapped to his chest hoping to lull him into a deep sleep. This is how we spend most of our evenings these days... such is life with an (almost) two-month-old child.  It doesn't make for a thrilling New Year's Eve, but I'm old anyways.

I assume the three-ish people who read my blog are painstakingly aware that I'm kind of a grinch and a nihilist. Consequently, I don't care much for most holidays. That said, I always appreciate the New Year as a sort-of fresh start. I hope to take 2013 a little easier... keep things simple and enjoy.

I didn't take many pictures this last year. I'll blame spending the majority of it pregnant. Regardless, here are some of the highlights from 2012...

My amazing raspberry patch.

Some nice hikes.
My garden that grew despite my lack of weeding.
Blueberry pie.
Summer vacation.
Mt. Rainer National Park.
The Honeyboy.
Papa and the Honeyboy. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


So let's pretend like it hasn't been a year, and maybe I will just start blogging again? I'm not sure where to pick up, it has been a whirlwind (tornado?) of a year, but I'll start with the obvious-- we've doubled.

First came Duncan...

Duncan initially came to us in June. He got scared by a thunderstorm and ended up at our house because we had a large fire that night. He stayed for a couple nights before we found his owners-- owners who later showed up and asked if we wanted him (you know when the universe gives you a dog...). They called him Jigger. For what I think are some obvious reasons we renamed him Duncan. 

Duncan likes eggs, squirrels, bodies of water, and the woods. He dislikes being left out, being left out, and being left out. 

So far he has made a fine addition to the family.

Just a few short weeks later, but much longer in the making, came Henry.

Henry was the real surprise of the year/my life, but he's here and ohsocute. Tomorrow he will be seven weeks old, and recently started doing things like smiling and actually looking at the pictures in books (I think he's advanced).  He also looks a bit plumper these days...

Henry likes the boob, the bath, cuddling, and his Papa. He dislikes bedtime and sleeping without a warm, breathing body next to him (I'm thinking about just letting him and Duncan sleep together). 

Tomorrow is the winter solstice and our first wedding anniversary. We've really accumulated some adult responsibilities in the last year, and despite the challenges that come with adult responsibilities I feel so lucky to have such a sweet little family, and I look forward to the many adventures that lay ahead. 

I'll wrap-up my comeback with a video that is sure to guarantee Henry's eventual rebellion against me...